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Products > Health & Beauty & Fitness > > Wizzit Wy-Twizze multi-function beauty series
Product name : Wizzit Wy-Twizze multi-function beauty series
Item : MH-HBF00670
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 WIZZIT Tweeze,Hot wholesale! Automatic Hair Remover,Epilatorautomatic,Tweezer Wizzit
Wizzit Wy-Twizze multi-function beauty series
General shave wool implement just shaved the skin surface, can maintain body hair generally 3 to 4 days, want to have a relatively lasting effect will have to use the hair removal. Hair removal device is a clip of the wheel electric device, will wipe out, together with his hair follicle effect can maintain general 3 to 4 weeks, but has a mild pain. Hair removal is the source of pain has two kinds: one kind is pulling the natural hair when pain; Another is the skin and hair pulling together when skin biopsy stimulate pore of the pain from the surrounding. And she wool implement practical. Quickly. Long-term. Simple operation. Easy to use.
Novel style, convenient to carry, use 2 day, men and women are practical AAA batteries.
Use remind:
1. Use wool implement will make head and pulled at right angles to the skin and hair growth against the direction of the advance.
2. Hair removal with massage bath brush before massage arms and legs, make sweat hair stand up. Hot water bath 15 minutes after the start hair removal. This time the skin soft, pore, diastolic pain will fall to lowest.
3. Hair removal will note with some black soft lotion moist skin.
Packing: suction card
Muti_function the nail salons

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