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Products > Health & Beauty & Fitness > > Hand Grip Gripper Strength Training Exerciser
Product name : Hand Grip Gripper Strength Training Exerciser
Item : BB-HBF1002
Price : US $2.5 - 3 / Piece
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- An excellent hand exerciser for beginners and experts alike
- Medium-tension model offers 7 lbs. of resistance (light-tension also available)
- Designed with the assistance of certified hand therapists to provide comfort and control
- Work individual fingers, pairs of fingers, and your whole hand
- A great way to develop finger speed and grip strength
- Also perfect for warming up before gigs
- Build up your hand and finger strength with the Fender Grip hand exerciser!

Designed with the assistance of Certified Hand Therapists, The Grip is one of themost advanced hand and finger exercisers available. Use one finger at a time, in pairs or all fingers simultaneously. The ergonomically designed tips keep your fingers in place during exercise and help create stronger hands and faster fingers.

How to use:
Use for 15 minutes before playing to warm up fingers. Use with both hands for consistent strength. Use with your fingertips at different angles to improve dexterity.

Improves essential hand strength as well as finger speed, strength, and dexterity
Use with all fingers at once, isolate individual fingers, or exercise pairs of fingers
Great for warming up fingers and hands before activity
Patent Pending design provides enhanced comfort and control
Light or Medium tensions available for continued strengthening
Perfect for beginner and expert musicians of all types (guitar, bass, keyboard, horns, drums, more) as well as general conditioning

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