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Frequently Asked Qusetions for Back 2 Life massage

What is Back2Life?

The Back2Life is a revolutionary machine that is going to change the way we treat back pain forever. Back2Life users simply lay back on a flat surface, situate themselves onto the unit and let the Continuous Passive Motion of the Back2Life machine gently soothe tight muscles and release the pressure between vertebrae. With the Back2Life there are no more painful exercises! No more agonizing stretches! Just lay back, relax and let Back2Life do all the work!      

How Does Back2Life Work?


The Back2Life uses a revolutionary technique, Continuous Passive Motion, to naturally ease lower back pain. The slow, rhythmic movement loosens tight muscles and releases the pressure between the vertebrae to relieve the pain. Continuous Passive Motion gently flexes your spine to ease away chronic lower back pain.


For optimum results, we recommend two sessions a day. A 12 minute session in the morning and a 12 minute session in the evening. For severe back pain, you can use Back2Life more frequently throughout the day.   


How Can I Tell If It is Working?


Even though you will not feel any drastic movements the slow, steady, motion is gradually loosening tight muscles and releasing the pressure between your vertebrae. How long this process will take depends on your back and the severity of your back pain...      SO KEEP WITH THE PROGRAM... IT WORKS!   


How Does the 30-Day Trial Work?


You receive the Back2Life system and can use it for an entire 30 Days. If you are not completely satisfied, simply return the unit for a full refund of the purchase price... and keep get to keep your FirmaPEDIC pillow absolutely FREE, as a gift from us for trying the Back2Life.


How soon will I feel the benefit?


How quickly you recover depends on how bad your problem is to start with. Do not expect an overnight miracle. Like physiotherapy and osteopathy, with Back2Life you will get a gradual improvement in your condition. However most people, using the machine as instructed, experience a significant improvement within a couple of weeks.


Was the device examined under research conditions?

What do orthopedic surgeons and physiotherapists say about Back2Life?


The device underwent clinical research in medical institutions and was tried on hundreds of users. Back2Life has won the support of senior orthopedic surgeons and physiotherapists in USA and around the world. They recommend daily sessions for relief of pain, to restore mobility and improve the quality of life for sufferers of back pain.      


Is Back2Life Safe?


Yes! Back2Life is completely safe to use. Back2Life has undergone extensive testing by experts in the field and is endorsed by leading orthopedists and back pain specialists. Back2Life is used by professional back pain specialists as part of an ongoing treatment program for back discomfort.


How often should I use Back2Life?


We recommend two Back2Life sessions daily, morning and evening for optimal results. However, you should plan your Back2Life session according to the intensity of your pain during the day. You might find that one daily session in the morning might be sufficient to keep you free of back pain throughout the day. Or, you might prefer to use Back2Life as a relaxing treatment before going to sleep. For severe pain, you can use Back2Life a number of times during the day.


How long does a Back2Life session last?


A Back2Life session lasts 12 minutes. After 12 minutes, Back2Life automatically switches off.


Is it battery operated?


No. It is electric with a 2-flat Pin Polarized Plus and Adaptor Plus and Power Supply Adaptor (Cord connected glass 2 power units/input 120 VAC 60Hz 27.9 W. Output 21 VAC 1A. The unit is UL approved.


Does the Back2Life require assembly?


The Back2Life assembles quickly and without any tools in a couple minutes. You simply slide on the left and right legs and insert the leg rest on top of the main body.


Who should NOT use Back2Life?


If you had back surgery, including spinal fusion in the last year or thigh surgery in the last six months;

If you suffer from grade 2 or higher Listhesis (spinal misalignment);

In cases where there is central pressure on the spinal cord with the following symptoms: poor balance, urinary problems and numbness in both legs;

If you are pregnant.


Is it harmful to use Back2Life if you don't have back pain?


Not at all, Back2Life can be used daily as part of an overall healthcare maintenance program. You can also use Back2Life when you are feeling stressed and need to unwind. The gentle, rhythmic movement is very relaxing.


How does the use of Back2Life ease back pain?


Back2Life moves the vertebrae of the lower back in a circular, rhythmic and continuous motion called Continuous Passive Motion. This movement improves mobility and reduces pressure and pain originating from the lower spinal column. This type of motion is highly recommended by all professionals.   


Can I use Back2Life and do physiotherapy?


Yes absolutely, it is the perfect complement. In fact many physiotherapists are already using Back2Life. Back2Life is the perfect complement to your physiotherapy program.


Where Can I Read The News Articles That Appear In the Infomercial?


Initially introduced to the European market, the Back2Life machine caused a sensation throughout the orthopedic industry, revolutionizing back care treatment in that part of the world.


 Should I check with my Physician?


As with any treatment or exercise plan, we recommend that you consult with your physician to see how Back2Life can fit into your overall treatment plan if you suffer from back pain with evidence of underlying disease or abnormalities (e.g. malignancy); If your back pain is induced by a recognized, suspected or impending fracture; If you suffer from any form of developing or new neurological deficit (e.g., drop foot, bladder dysfunction, etc.); If you have impaired blood supply to the lower extremities; If you suffer from lesions compromising skin over your back, pelvis or area behind your knees.


Within your Back2Life order, you will find an information sheet to bring to your doctor. This will give your doctor all the information they need on the Back2Life, to determine that it is right for you.


Is there a weight limit for using Back2Life?


The weight limit for the Back2Life is 300 lbs. Over that weight, you may still get relief but we recommend using additional ankle weights.


Is there a height limit for using Back2Life?


The Back2Life adjusts from 4 foot 8 inches to 6 foot 6 inches.